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The Israeli real estate market has been booming for 15 years. Prices rise sharply and constantly and its no surprise that Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in Israel. Our office can help provide you with legal services and consulting on planning, acquisition, development, construction and registration, real estate tax and representation before public authorities and establishments.

As a full service intellectual property law firm we help organizations and other entities achieve real goals with both contentious and non-contentious with starting research and development to commercialization and licensing. 

We take under consideration future budges constraints in the ever changing needs of development phases. of every company we work with.

Huffman & Co. offers full legal support for companies. Starting from company registration to the closure of it, we believe in simplifying legal relationships with government law and other companies.

We also offer services in litigation proceedings and representation for our clients from all over the world.

We help provide legal services based on several different needs of life sciences companies, starting with  biotechnology companies to pharmaceuticals and agriculture companies.

Our agile, client centered approach allows us to remain at the forefront of continuous evolution involving health care systems and federal government requirements within the industry.

Almost any type of consumer product has the potential to cause injury because of defects. Some products, such as power tools pose obvious risks by the very nature of their function but other products that may seem relatively safe may actually potentially pose a greater risk than obviously dangerous products. 

Our product liability lawyer has two roles:

1) Prosecuting companies that have created a product that caused you harm.

2) Defending you if you have been accused of creating a product that causes harm.

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